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document Installing DLGuard Overview
The following steps are meant to show you at a glance the steps you need to take to install DLGuard. More information about each step can be found...
14 May, 2008 Views: 10622
document I downloaded the DLGuard installation ZIP, now what?
You need to extract the files inside the ZIP file.By default, Windows XP will allow you to simply double-click on the zip file, opening it up like a...
14 May, 2008 Views: 5449
document I can't open the ZIP file! I don't have any unzip software!
Windows XP has built in unzipping software - all you need to do is double-click the zip file icon, and it will open like a normal folder. If you...
14 May, 2008 Views: 5911
document How do I upload DLGuard to my website?
The best way of doing this is via FTP.The far majority of hosting plans offer FTP connections - if you're not sure what your FTP details are, then...
14 May, 2008 Views: 5728
document How do I change my file permissions?
---------------------------------------------  AUTOMATIC INSTALL--------------------------------------------- If you've used the Automatic...
14 May, 2008 Views: 10619
document I've uploaded DLGuard, and changed file permissions - now what?
Now simply direct your browser to the "install" folder of DLGuard and follow the prompts on the screen.eg....
14 May, 2008 Views: 5561
document I've installed DLGuard, but now I can't login!
The most common reason for this is because of wrong file permission settings.Double check:- Your "data" folder permissions haven't been...
14 May, 2008 Views: 6209