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document Can I install DLGuard on a different website to my download files?
Yes. DLGuard does allow you to manage remote websites from your one installation. DLGuard uses what's called fsockopen(), which is a standard PHP...
29 May, 2006 Views: 9083
document Does DLGuard support multiple currencies?
Yes, DLGuard supports all the currencies made availible from your payment processor (ie. Paypal, EGold, etc.).  
29 May, 2006 Views: 5003
document Does DLGuard track who downloads my products?
Yes, it sure does! Each download link provided to your customers is unique, and will be counted each time a download attempt is made. You can...
29 May, 2006 Views: 4931
document How do I link my buy buttons to DLGuard?
DLGuard will generate a sales link for you to use on your website. This is a simple URL, and can be linked to a button, image, or text, in whichever...
29 May, 2006 Views: 5567
document Won't everyone be able to see where my download location is?
No. No one will ever see the real location of your file. Not even your valid customers will see the real location, and search engines won't...
29 May, 2006 Views: 5682
document Can I add a customer without them having to buy the product?
Yes you can easily do this through the Import function. This method is commonly used to add yourself as a "buyer" for testing purposes,...
27 Mar, 2008 Views: 12262
document Can I process orders manually and use DLGuard to protect the downloads?
Yes you sure can. Please see this page for more information:  
30 May, 2006 Views: 9685
document Why is my Paypal Transaction ID "0"?
Paypal can return a "0" instead of a real transaction ID when testing sales through the Paypal Sandbox. To make sure you are sent a real...
04 Sep, 2006 Views: 6800
document How do I display multiple products/files on the one download page?
If the product you're selling has multiple downloads (ie. bonus products, or simply multiple files for the one product), then you can use DLGuard's...
07 Sep, 2006 Views: 8056
document How do I move DLGuard to a new server?
The following instructions are for those who are interested in moving an existing DLGuard installation onto a new website or server. 1) Using...
30 Dec, 2008 Views: 7729