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document Using HTML emails and the default email
If you have set DLGuard to send HTML formatted emails (tick the Send Emails as HTML tickbox in the Config screen), then make sure you change your...
09 Aug, 2006 Views: 3939
document ClickBank sales links - can I use the default?
With the new changes to the ClickBank order form (2 Aug, 06) you can now use standard ClickBank sales links rather than using the DLGuard sales...
09 Aug, 2006 Views: 3845
document Setting up a yearly Paypal membership
When setting up a yearly Paypal membership (ie. a membership group in DLGuard that is billed yearly), do not use the cycle of 365 days. You MUST use...
06 Sep, 2006 Views: 3961
document European Cookie Directive: What cookies does DLGuard drop?
The European Cookie Directive has asked European website owners for information on cookies used by their website and any software running on their...
21 Apr, 2012 Views: 2439