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document How do I edit or change the Default email in DLGuard, or create my own custom email?
This article is split into three sections: - Single item product sales - Shopping Cart sales - Membership signups   Single Item...
14 Feb, 2008 Views: 5399
document Adding extra text or code to the download page
If you're looking to add some extra text such as instructions, or some extra links, or if you want to add some code such as sales or affiliate...
07 May, 2008 Views: 4917
document How do I customise the DLGuard Cart layout?
The DLGuard Cart uses a template system that you can modify to your needs. This is broken into different sections: - The Main Cart Layout - Font...
07 May, 2008 Views: 6754
document Editing the Single Item Sales Download page template, or creating your own
You can edit the default download page for your single item product, which is used for all of your single item sales, or if you prefer you can...
07 May, 2008 Views: 8399