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Can I add a customer without them having to buy the product?

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Posted: 30 May, 2006
by: Admin A.
Updated: 27 Mar, 2008
by: Admin A.

Yes you can easily do this through the Import function.

This method is commonly used to add yourself as a "buyer" for testing purposes, giving away free copies of your products to friends or associates, and for adding customers who's payment has been processed offline or manually. Naturally this method can be used to add someone to your DLGuard as a "buyer" of the product without them actually having to buy.

To Import your customer:

In DLGuard, go to the "Customers" menu, and select "Import". This will take you to the Import page.

On the Import page you see a form at the top of the page. This is where you will enter your customer's details.

Enter a receipt number - make sure there are no spaces or non-standard characters in it. If you don't have a receipt number for them, just make one up. For example: jdoe1234

Next enter their name and email address, and the DLGuard product number of the item you wish your customer to have access to.

For example: 1
...would add them as a "buyer" of your DLGuard product number 1.

For Memberships:

 If you're importing someone as a subscriber to your membership, put an "m" in front of their product number:

For example: m1
...would add them as a "subscriber" to the DLGuard Membership Group number 1. (This group number is found on the Memberships tab)


Lastly you can choose a date or puchase or subscription (default is todays date), and enter an IP address if you wish. If you don't enter an IP address, DLGuard will set this when your customer first reaches their download page.

You will then see two tick boxes:

Send Download Email To Customer:
By ticking this box DLGuard will send out the email that your customer would normally recieve if they had paid for your product, including their download link.

Run Custom URL Script if set:
If you have set up a custom script to be run when this product is purchased, tick this box to make sure the script is run when you import. If you're not sure what this setting is, just ignore it.

Then click the Save Customer button.

Your customer is now imported!

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