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European Cookie Directive: What cookies does DLGuard drop?

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Posted: 21 Apr, 2012
by: Admin A.
Updated: 21 Apr, 2012
by: Admin A.

The European Cookie Directive has asked European website owners for information on cookies used by their website and any software running on their website.

This will cover the cookies DLGuard uses:

(Please note, this document covers the coupons DLGuard itself creates - sometimes payment processors can use their own cookies and session data for use with their own system. This is handled by the payment processors themselves, and so is seperate to DLGuard.)

Single Item Sales:

Normal DLGuard single item sales do not use any cookies at all. However if you are offering DLGuard discount coupons, then a cookie is set when the customer submits a valid coupon. This cookie contains the coupon they just entered.

DLGuard Cart Sales:

When products are added to the DLGuard Cart (ie. When a customer clicks on the "Add To Cart" button), the product details are added to a PHP session cookie that will store their current cart contents. This session data is only used while the customer is browsing the DLGuard Cart.

DLGuard Memberships:

The sales process for memberships does not use cookies. However when a customer logs in to your members area, a PHP session is created that will hold the customer's login details so that DLGuard can display membership pages to them.

A "Remember Me" option will be availible soon that uses a cookie to store the member's login details for up to 1 year, meaning the member will not need to login during that time. This will only be placed if a member specifically ticks the "Remember me" box when logging in.


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