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folder Installing DLGuard (7)
How to download your copy of DLGuard, and then install it on your website.
folder Common questions answered (13)
This area lists the questions (and answers) that other customers have asked.
folder General Hints and Tips (4)
Find general hints and tips on using DLGuard that aren't included in the other areas.
folder Paypal questions (2)
These questions relate directly to Paypal payments made via DLGuard.
folder Downloading problems (2)
If your download button doesn't seem to be working, this is your folder!
folder ClickBank questions (2)
These questions relate directly to ClickBank payments made via DLGuard.
folder Customizing DLGuard (4)
How to customise everything in DLGuard from download pages, to emails, to langauages.
folder DLGuard Cart questions (2)
If you have questions regarding the DLGuard Cart, this is the section for you!
folder GetResponse Questions (2)
Questions regarding the GetResponse Integration
folder Hosting Provider specific questions
If you're having trouble with your hosting provider, this is the spot to look for answers regarding your specific web host.
folder DLGuard Membership Questions (4)
Common questions regarding setting up and running membership areas with DLGuard.

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document Can I add a customer without them having to buy the product?
Yes you can easily do this through the Import function. This method is commonly used to add yourself as a "buyer" for testing purposes,...
27 Mar, 2008 Views: 12460
document Installing DLGuard Overview
The following steps are meant to show you at a glance the steps you need to take to install DLGuard. More information about each step can be found...
14 May, 2008 Views: 10622
document How do I change my file permissions?
---------------------------------------------  AUTOMATIC INSTALL--------------------------------------------- If you've used the Automatic...
14 May, 2008 Views: 10619
document Can I process orders manually and use DLGuard to protect the downloads?
Yes you sure can. Please see this page for more information:  
30 May, 2006 Views: 9832
document Can I install DLGuard on a different website to my download files?
Yes. DLGuard does allow you to manage remote websites from your one installation. DLGuard uses what's called fsockopen(), which is a standard PHP...
29 May, 2006 Views: 9200
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How to install IonCube Loaders onto your Netfirms Linux hosting account (for PHP v5.2): Note: If you have a different account or PHP version,...
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document European Cookie Directive: What cookies does DLGuard drop?
The European Cookie Directive has asked European website owners for information on cookies used by their website and any software running on their...
21 Apr, 2012 Views: 2439
document Paypal payments are not being validated
There are a number of possible reasons for this, and the options are different depending on whether this is a single item product, or a recurring...
26 Apr, 2010 Views: 5868
document Downloads - Overview: How to offer secure downloads inside your membership area
There are three main ways to offer downloads inside your members area. Each method is a little different, and so the method you choose will depend...
01 Mar, 2009 Views: 7016
document Downloads - Method 3: Extra Files method - creating your own links
This is method 3 to offer downloads to your members. There are two other methods you may wish to use. You can view them all and decide which is best...
01 Mar, 2009 Views: 6528