DLGuard integrates with a wide range of popular payment processors:
Mal's e-commerce
Paypal Digital Goods
The DLGuard Difference

Why choose DLGuard?

With so many choices for download management and payment security systems around, how do you know which one is right for you?

Find out about DLGuard's power, flexibility, and ease of use, that puts us way ahead of our competition:

Note: This is not our feature list. We have many more features. These are just the main features that set us apart from our competition.


DLGuard's Power:
We Accept More Payment Processors
DLGuard Creates Membership Sites
DLGuard has a Built-In Shopping Cart
Offer Bonus Products Securely and Automatically
DLGuard Tracks Individual Customer Downloads
DLGuard Tracks and Calculates Sales Conversion Rates
Ban Problem Customers

DLGuard's Ease Of Use and Support:
DLGuard is Easy to Install and Use
We Offer Quality Customer Support
We create a streamlined, automated customer experience
DLGuard is Updated Often
DLGuard is Developed In-House, NOT Off-Shore

DLGuard's Flexibility:
DLGuard is Easy to Customise (using REAL templates)
DLGuard is More Flexible for Your Individual Needs
DLGuard can be Polled by Your Own Scripts
DLGuard is Compatible With More Website Hosting Providers

There are MANY more features in DLGuard, these are just some of the ones that put us way ahead of our competition.



DLGuard Power


We Accept More Payment Processors

Many download management systems only accept Clickbank and Paypal. Some of our competitors actually require you to buy extra modules or new scripts if you want to accept more than one processor.

DLGuard currently supports 15 main processors (with more being added all the time).

We accept:

Paypal Shopping Cart Buttons
ClickBank Recurring Billing
2Checkout Recurring Billing
Mal's Ecommerce
LinkPoint Recurring Billing
Free products

You can use one or all of these payment processors at the same time, for different products, all in the one script. No extra modules or separate scripts are required.

This means that while you may only use one or two processors today, if you have problems with one payment processor (for example, if your Paypal account is frozen, or your Clickbank product is banned) then you haven't paid for a useless piece of software. You also don't need to reconstruct your entire website and sales management system.

Switching payment processors with DLGuard is as easy as simply clicking on the new processor you want to use, and then add your payment processor details.

This can be done in minutes, which means you won't be losing money as the hours tick by.

This also means you don't need to go looking for new software, and you don't need to rebuilt your website.

Investing in DLGuard today means that it will continue to serve you as your business grows and changes.

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DLGuard Creates Membership Sites

Membership sites are a great way to earn a recurring income from your business, as well as an excellent way to offer product updates to your customers.

With DLGuard you don't need any extra software to create a membership site; DLGuard does it all.

DLGuard will give you a sales link to paste onto your sales page. Your customer will click on that sales link and DLGuard will make sure the payment is valid, and will then allow your customer access to your membership area.

The membership pages are created by you, giving you complete control over the layout, look, feel, and content of your members area. All DLGuard needs you to do is paste a small snippet of code at the top of the pages you want secured, and DLGuard will do the rest, including creating login screens and allowing you to offer secure downloads within your members area.

Once off payments, or free memberships can be created through any of the payment processors that DLGuard offers. Recurring payment memberships can be offered via Paypal, ClickBank Recurring Payments, and LinkPoint.

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We Have A Built-In Shopping Cart

DLGuard has a shopping cart built-in. This means that you can easily add your products to the cart page in DLGuard, and DLGuard will then create a secure and easy to use shopping cart for your customers.

You can customise the look and feel of the shopping cart by changing the HTML template.

The DLGuard Cart allows your customers to buy as many of your products as they wish, and then pay for them all with one payment.

The DLGuard Cart accepts Paypal, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout as payment options for your customers.

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Offer Bonus Products Securely and Automatically

DLGuard creates a secure download area for your customers using a customizable template, and then automatically lists the product or products your customer purchased on this page using a secure and expiring download link.

DLGuard allows you to add extra bonus downloads on this page.

These downloads can be bonuses you offer to your customers when they purchase your product, or it can be alternative download links, or if your product contains multiple files then DLGuard can list all the files needed.

The bonus or multiple file downloads can be listed with a download icon just like your main download, or they can be listed in a neat table to save space.

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Track Individual Customer Downloads

DLGuard will track each of your customer's downloads individually.

This means you can view an individual customer's sales details, and how many times they have attempted to download your product.

DLGuard will list your customer's name, email address, date of purchase, IP address, any coupon codes that were used, and then will list the number of attempts your customer has made to download each product they bought.

This information can be very handy when assessing possible attempted refund scams.

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Calculate Sales and Conversion Rates

To help build your successful business, DLGuard can collect important sales and visitor information.

Simply by using a sales link that DLGuard provides for you, DLGuard will start to collect visitor information. DLGuard will count the number of hits to your sales page, as well as counting the number of individual visitors.

DLGuard will then generates reports based on the dates you select for each of your products. These reports show the number of hits to your sales page, the number of unique visitors, the number of sales of that product, and will then calculate the sales conversion rate.

Since this feature is built into DLGuard there is no need to buy extra tracking scripts, and no need to add extra tracking code to your sales or download pages.

DLGuard collects this data and generates your reports automatically.

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Ban Problem Customers

While digital downloadable products have created business opportunities that can generate profit margins never before seen in physical product sales, along with this comes new issues in the form of refund and charge back scams.

DLGuard allows you to ban problem customers from purchasing from you in two ways.

You can ban a person's IP address and you can also ban a person's email address.

By banning an IP address, DLGuard will block the customer from purchasing through your purchase links.

If you ban a customer's email address, then since this data isn't available until AFTER a sale is made, DLGuard will block the customer from reaching your download area, and DLGuard will send you an email notifying you that a banned customer has tried to access the download area.

This can help stop the wrong people from getting their hands on your products.

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DLGuard Ease Of Use And Customer Support


Easy To Install And To Use

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at DLGuard is just how easy DLGuard is to operate compared to other download management systems.

For example, it's actually a lot quicker to set up a new product using DLGuard to be sold through Paypal securely, than it is to set up an insecure product directly through Paypal's interface. So it's actually faster and easier to use DLGuard than it is to not use it.

Every software company claims their software is easy to use, but as we hear stories from clients who have changed from our competitor's product to DLGuard, our clients confirm that DLGuard really is easy to use.

Michael Gunn from MarketingToolsToday.com emailed us about how easy he found DLGuard to use:

Michael Gunn

I purchased DL Guard a couple of weeks ago. I have to say it is the best and most helpful piece of software I think I have ever purchased.

I keep testing it over and over thinking that something must be wrong because NOTHING can be this EASY. But it is!

Michael Gunn - www.MarketingToolsToday.com


And naturally, if you do have any questions about installing or operating DLGuard, we're happy to help!

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Quality Customer Support

In an age where good quality customer support is so hard to find on the Internet, we pride ourselves on being there to help you when you need it the most.

We often receive emails from clients who are pleasantly surprised by the level of customer support they are cheerfully offered with DLGuard. Michael Tracey from AfriChef.com is one of many:

Michael Tracey from AfriChef

The support Sam Stephens renders is phenomenal and goes far beyond what one could reasonably expect.

My honest opinion is that DLGuard is the absolute best of products of this type.

Michael Tracey - www.AfriChef.com

Frank Fihn from The Investor Today send us this email:

Frank Fihn


I just want to say thanks. Your customer service is incredible.

In today's day and age, it's just unparalleled to have someone promptly respond to 10+ emails and actually provide detailed solutions to real problems. You don't know how many times other software answers with the same generic answer that doesn't actually answer the question posed.

Your personalized service is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, since you designed the software, you fully comprehend its intricate usage.

I'll be sure to recommend you in the future.

PS. Feel free to use me as a testimonial.

Frank Fihn
Windsor, ON Canada

Frank Fihn - www.theInvestorToday.com


We realise that you, our client, are the lifeblood of our business. Without you we have no business, and this is why we work hard to ensure each and every one of our clients are happy with their purchase.

We're big enough to offer you stability (we'll still be around tomorrow!), but we're still small enough to appreciate each and every client.

You're not treated like a number, or a nuisance. You're treated like what you are: the most important part of DLGuard.

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Streamlined and Automated Customer Experience

Some other solutions make your customers jump through hoops just to get their download. From your customer's perspective, imagine buying a product and then after you've paid for it you're asked to create a customer account, and then you're asked to enter the details you've just created, logging in to the area. It can be confusing and frustrating. DLGuard does NOT require your customer to jump through any hoops.

Marlen Sanders has bought many products through sites that use DLGuard, and from a customer point of view, he loves it!

Marlon Sanders

Sam, I've bought a LOT of products that were delivered with your DLGuard. The delivery went smoothly and professionally in every case.

Congratulations on your "trick" software.

Marlon Sanders - www.AmazingFormula.com

Your customers will love DLGuard: they pay for their product and then they're instantly transferred to the download page. No hoops. No confusion.

This means less confusion and frustration for your customers (that can lead to increased refunds), and it means less customer support issues for you.

Not only does DLGuard make YOUR life easier, but it makes your customer's lives easier too.

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Is Updated Often

DLGuard is updated very often. This is how we stay ahead of our competition.

We accept customer requests for new features, as well as adding our own, which means the DLGuard you buy today will become more and more powerful as time goes on.

Many companies say they offer updates, however in reality you may get a small upgrade with a couple of extra features once a year.

We add new features all the time; as mentioned, this is how we ensure we stay way ahead of our competition.

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DLGuard Is Developed In-House, NOT Off-shore

DLGuard is developed by Sam Stephens, the owner of DLGuard. This means we are not held to ransom by offshore developers, and it doesn't mean we've cut corners to lower costs.

This also means that if a sudden change is made in the industry (such as a payment processor changing their system) DLGuard is quickly updated, and a new release distributed.

There are no bottlenecks that are often seen when a business owner tries to explain the issue to a developer in another country. This can take days just to communicate the issue to the developer, and then the developer will need to slot the job into their current workload.

Since DLGuard owned and developed by the same person, with all development being done "in house", this means we can adapt to a new situation within hours rather than weeks, and sometimes even months that you often see in other software companies.

DLGuard is our main income stream - this is not a fly-by-night product that someone simply launches and then forgets about a few months after the launch. DLGuard is our business, our main product, which means we give it the attention it deserves.

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DLGuard Flexibility


Easy To Customise

DLGuard's download areas are built using standard HTML templates. This means you can edit your download areas just like they were a normal web page.

You don't need any advanced knowledge or PHP programming skills, or anything like that. You don't need to juggle headers and footers, and hope they fit together.

Many software applications that claim you can edit templates simply allow you to add HTML code to header and footer files. This means you can change the top and the bottom of the page. It's a very restrictive method, and can be quite frustrating to get your page to look how you want it to.

We choose to allow you to modify the entire page.

Our templates are full page templates to allow maximum customization. This means you can make your download pages fit seamlessly into your site.

When selling single item products, you can even create a special download page for that particular product - there are no limits to how many download pages you can create.

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Very Flexible

DLGuard was created with flexibility in mind.

This is ideal for beginners and veterans alike. Veterans often have special custom scripts or business models in place, and beginners, while you may not have special needs today, by purchasing DLGuard you know that it will continue to serve your needs as you and your business grows.

For example, many people may want something special to happen when a sale is made. You may want to send your customer an unlock code for your product, or perhaps add them to your own special database, or register them within your own system.

When a sale is made, DLGuard can easily post your customer and sales details (if the sale was valid) to your own custom script.

This means DLGuard can fit in to your own specific business model.

If you're an advanced user, you can even access DLGuard's MySQL database directly with your own software, giving you the freedom you may need.

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Can Be "Polled" By Other Scripts

DLGuard allows you to "poll" different details from your own script.

For example, you may have a piece of software that you licence to your customers. By setting up a form in your software you can collect your customer's details (email and receipt number), and then send this to DLGuard. DLGuard will check to make sure the details are valid, and then return a result to your software.

By doing this, your software can check with DLGuard to make sure your customer is valid before running your software.

DLGuard even allows you to add customers to DLGuard (invoking a download email) from your own software.

These features offer you as a business person maximum power and flexibility create an automated business model around DLGuard.

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DLGuard Is Compatible With More Hosting Companies

DLGuard is compatible with most hosting companies. DLGuard works fine on Windows and Macintosh servers, as well as Unix/Linux servers.

DLGuard is written with compatibility in mind, which means we don't use server functions that are only available on SOME servers.

DLGuard does use IonCube Loaders, however if your server doesn't have these already installed, DLGuard will install them for you.

If you do have problems installing DLGuard, which can occasionally happen, we are more than happy to either help you through the installation or simply install DLGuard for you, free of charge.

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