DLGuard integrates with a wide range of popular payment processors:
Mal's e-commerce
Paypal Digital Goods
How It Works

How DLGuard Works

DLGuard is a powerful, yet easy to use script that you simply upload to your website and then rest assured that your internet business is not only safe, but also much easier to manage, automating the tasks you just don't have the time for.

DLGuard supports the three types, or methods, of sale on the internet:

Single item sales (including bonus products!)
Multiple item sales
Membership websites

DLGuard is fully integrated with:

PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, AlertPay, Ebay, PayDotCom, E-Gold, 1ShoppingCart, Click2Sell, Mal's E-Commerce, LinkPoint, PagSeguro, CCBill, CommerseGate, DigiResults, FastSpring, JVZoo, MultiSafePay, Paypal Digital Goods, Plimus, RevenueWire/SafeCart, SWReg, WSO Pro, and even tracks your free product downloads.

The DLGuard built-in Shopping Cart offers Paypal, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout payment options.

The Membership areas allow Paypal, Clickbank, 2Checkout, and LinkPoint recurring billing as well as linking to any PayPal, ClickBank, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, AlertPay, Ebay, PayDotCom, E-Gold, 1ShoppingCart, E-Bullion, LinkPoint, PagSeguro, CCBill, CommerseGate, DigiResults, FastSpring, JVZoo, MultiSafePay, Paypal Digital Goods, Plimus, RevenueWire/SafeCart, SWReg, WSO Pro single sale and free products so that people who buy your products can access your members area.

Find out more about:

Unique download links and page security
Customer tracking and reporting
Automatic autoresponder sign-up
Promotional Coupons
Calculate Sales Conversion Rates
Customising the look and feel of DLGuard
Using your own custom script with DLGuard

Requirements to use DLGuard
Installing DLGuard

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Single Item Sales

DLGuard is the perfect solution to secure your single sale item, such as a niche marketing website, software sales, ebook sales, and more!

DLGuard not only protects your download page, but it makes setting up new products, or making changes to existing products so much quicker and easier than before.

For such a complex, powerful script, set-up was drop-dead easy. And it works like a charm too. I tested it out on one of my Clickbank products and it took barely 10 minutes to change my settings and create a new download link - one protected by DLGuard.

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian - Ezine Marketing Center

DLGuard will provide you with the purchase link you need, and a small snippet of code you use to integrate your payment processor with your website.

DLGuard allows you to easily offer bonus products for secure download after purchasing your main product through it's unique bonus download feature.

New products can be set up in minutes!

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Multiple Item Sales - built-in shopping cart

DLGuard has it's own built in shopping cart!

No need to worry about trying to integrate your payment system with your shopping cart, and then with your download management solution. DLGuard does it all for you!

DLGuard's shopping cart system allows you to quickly add and remove products from your site, edit descriptions, set prices, and then integrate into PayPal, Authorize.net, or 2Checkout for maximum flexibility.

Your customers will be able to select which items they'd like to purchase, and then make one single payment. They will then be transferred to a secure download area where they will see all the products they purchased on the one page.

The shopping cart and the download page can be fully customised. DLGuard uses a template system for ease of modification, and to make sure the system blends into your existing webpage design.

DLGuard will also integrate directly into Paypal's own shopping cart, as well as 1ShoppingCart for multiple product sales.

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Membership Websites

Membership sites are a very lucrative form of recurring income for many website owners. DLGuard takes the pain out of setting up a membership site.

Membership sites can be either paid memberships, with recurring billing by PayPal, Clickbank, or LinkPoint, or they can be linked to a single item sale.


Paid (Recurring) Memberships:
DLGuard makes it quick and easy to set up PayPal, Clickbank, or Linkpoint memberships payments. No need to create button code, DLGuard will do all that for you.

DLGuard will also detect when a person cancels their subscription, and will automatically block access to your membership website.

Single Sale Memberships:
DLGuard allows you to create a members area for people who buy your single sale products. Offer your customers a secure area to download updates, run polls, keep up to date with news and new offers, and more.


With both types of memberships, DLGuard allows you to display secure download links to your customers, as well as limit the number of times they try and download products within your member area.

The membership site is completely flexible. You simply add a small snippet of PHP code to your existing webpages, and they become automatically protected.

The same method can be used to easily protect blogs and forums - simply place the DLGuard member code into your blog or forum's header template.

Membership areas help to built customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. DLGuard makes it easy to create a membership site.

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Unique Download Links and Page Security

DLGuard protects your products from the most common forms of theft:

Download link sharing:
We've had people come to us for a solution because their download link or download page URL has been posted on a forum and they've just lost hundreds of dollars in lost sales.

DLGuard prevents this.

Each download link can have a expiring time limit as well as a maximum number of download attempts.

This means that you can give your customer, for example, 2 hours to download your product with a maximum of 3 download attempts. Even if your customer posted their own real download link on a public forum, the link would become useless before real damage is done.

If your real customer doesn't have time to download their product within this time frame then you can easily reset their timer or download count.

You can make your security as tight or as loose as you see fit for your customers.


Insecure thankyou / download pages:

Is your download page listed in Google? What about your ebook?

A common form of "hacking" is by simply searching for insecure download pages via popular search engines. The term hacking is used loosely, as there is no skill in searching for insecure download pages, but the effect can still be devastating.

You could loose thousands of dollars.

Google incorporates PDF files into it's search results. If your download page or ebook is not secure, then people could be actually READING your ebook without even realising they're stealing your product.

With DLGuard, even if the whole world knows the URL of your thankyou page, they won't be able to download your products.

DLGuard checks to make sure a successful payment has been made before allowing access to the download area.

To prove this, we posted a direct link to our real download page on a very popular internet marketing website, and told people they could have DLGuard for free if they could bypass the security. Here's a response we received:

When you put the download link of your software on a huge public marketing forum, to PROVE that your software can fully protect a digital product, I was totally blown away. Nobody is that stupid! But could anybody crack it.... NO! Not a snowballs chance in hell. There was not a chance that anybody could get those products without paying for them. They were locked up tighter than fort knox.

Paul Kleinmeulman - PrivateRights.com

We stand by our product.

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Customer Tracking and Reporting

Who has downloaded your product? And how many times have they downloaded it?

DLGuard will track each of your customers download attempts.

Simply search for your customers name, email address or receipt number and DLGuard will show you how many times that customer has attempted to download your products and bonus products.

Overall reports can be produced as a total, or per month.

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Automatic Autoresponder Sign-up

Marketing tests and successful business owners tell us time and again that to maximise profits you need to create a loyal customer list.

This can be difficult or uneconomical by using customer signup forms as a large percentage of your customers won't signup. First you need to convince them to buy your product, and then you need to convince them to signup to your mailing list?

DLGuard fixes this problem by automatically adding your customers to your mailing list after a sale is made.

DLGuard is fully integrated with GetResponse and Aweber, but can also be integrated with other systems.

We also have integrations available for MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Email Marketer, AutoResponse Plus, ImnicaMail, and more.

No more manual submissions, no more annoying your customers by asking them to jump through hoops. Just easy, instant, and invisible autoresponder signup.

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Promotional Coupons

DLGuard allows you to setup promotional coupons. The coupons can be set for each product, and you may have as many coupons as you wish. The coupons give you the ability to change the price for a current product, or even offer a "secret" product for those people who have your coupon code.

The use of coupons is a proven marketing tactic that can help increase your sales.

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Calculate Sales Conversion Rates

By simply using DLGuard's image buttons for your sales link, DLGuard will automatically count the number of raw and unique hits you get to your sales page and then by comparing them to the number of sales you made DLGuard will report your sales conversion rates for each of your products.

Sales conversion rates are very important when examining the effectiveness of sales pages and marketing promotions.

As well as a tabled overview, you can view a single product in detail showing it's rates in easy to read graphs.

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Customising the Look and Feel of DLGuard

It's important to have your customers go through an easy to use and seamless sales process.

DLGuard allows you to fully customise the look of your download areas, shopping cart, and membership areas.

By using real templates (not just restrictive header and footer options), DLGuard allows you to create a seamless sales process and offer your customers a flexible and highly professional download process.

You may create as many download page templates for your single sale items as you wish.

Sales information is available on the thankyou page by use of easy keywords. You can display the customer name, email address, date of purchase, the product they purchased, their receipt number, and more.

DLGuard comes with a number of templates for you to use and modify.

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Using Your Own Custom Script With DLGuard

DLGuard offers excellent flexibility for customers who have specific requirements by offering the ability to use your own custom script with DLGuard.

You simply specify the location of your script when you setup your product in DLGuard, and then at the time of sale, DLGuard will post your customers sales data to your script, including their contact details, product they've bought, receipt number, IP address, and a secret key that can be used to ensure script security.

This means that you can easily integrate your own script with DLGuard.

Examples of custom scripts can be anything from simply emailing you when a sale is made, right through to interacting with your corporate database.

The possibilities are as flexible as you need.

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Requirements To Use DLGuard

The requirements of DLGuard are as follows:

PHP version 5.x.x or newer
A MySQL Database
IonCube Loaders Support

We recommend using Linux/Unix hosting, however DLGuard will work on most Windows servers that are running a non-crippled version of PHP.

Would you like more detail about DLGuard requirements? Click Here for Requirements.

If you are looking for a new host, we recommend HostGator. HostGator is full compatible with DLGuard, and offers quality cPanel hosting for a very reasonable price.

HostGator's customer support is quite good, which can sometimes be hard to find in a hosting provider.

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Installing DLGuard

Installing DLGuard is much easier than many people realise, and is 90% automated.


This has got to be the EASIEST install I've had the pleasure of doing this year - or even in the last 3 years!

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian - EzineMarketingCenter.com


There are two ways to install DLGuard:

Install via a Windows Installation Program
This method allows you to simply run a program on your computer that will upload DLGuard to your website and set everything up for you. It's quick and easy!


Upload DLGuard to your site manually
If you have a Mac, or can't run Windows software for any reason (or if you're an advanced user who prefers to upload scripts yourself), then all you need to do to install DLGuard is unzip it, upload the folder to your website and change a couple of file permissions.

It's one of the easiest script installations that you'll ever do!

And of course if you have problems installing DLGuard we will help you out, just ask!

We do NOT charge for customer support!


Can I see the installation instructions before I buy?

Sure! Installation instructions are here: DLGuard Installation Instructions



The last time I tried to implement a download management solution I gave up after page 42 of a huge complex manual.

With DLGuard it was ridiculously easy to install and then to run.

Add to that Sam's superb customer support and constant innovation and it's an easy decision to purchase.

Harvey Segal - Supertips.com


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