DLGuard integrates with a wide range of popular payment processors:
Mal's e-commerce
Paypal Digital Goods
Hosting Requirements

DLGuard Requirements

The hosting server requirements to use DLGuard are as follows:

PHP version 5.x.x or newer (fully supports PHP v5!)
A MySQL Database
Ability to run IonCube Loaders (these are included in DLGuard)

And that's it! The far majority of website hosts will offer these features.

Do I need Linux or Windows hosting?

Any server type is fine!

We recommend using Linux/Unix hosting, however DLGuard will work on most Windows servers that allows the use of the PHP standard Mail() function and also allow you to create a MySQL database.

So even if you do have a Windows server, DLGuard should work fine on it.

Can you recommend a hosting provider?

If you are looking for a new host, we recommend HostGator. HostGator is full compatible with DLGuard, and offers quality cPanel hosting for a very reasonable price.

HostGator's customer support is quite good, which can sometimes be hard to find in a hosting provider.

What are IonCube Loaders?

IonCube Loaders is special software that runs on your website to allow DLGuard to run. It is free, and comes with DLGuard.

Many webhosts will already have IonCube Loaders running on your server, and the ones that don't usually allow DLGuard to install them for you automatically.

If you're worried about this, then you can simply email your hosting provider and ask them if they have IonCube Loaders installed on your site, or if they allow IonCube encrypted scripts to run. There shouldn't be a problem.

Installing DLGuard



This has got to be the EASIEST install I've had the pleasure of doing this year - or even in the last 3 years!

Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian - EzineMarketingCenter.com


There are two ways to install DLGuard:

Install via a Windows Installation Program
This method allows you to simply run a program on your computer that will upload DLGuard to your website and set everything up for you. It's quick and easy!


Upload DLGuard to your site manually
If you have a Mac, or can't run Windows software for any reason (or if you're an advanced user who prefers to upload scripts yourself), then all you need to do to install DLGuard is unzip it, upload the folder to your website and change a couple of file permissions.

It's one of the easiest script installations that you'll ever do!

And of course if you have problems installing DLGuard we will help you out, just ask!

We do NOT charge for customer support!


Can I see the installation instructions before I buy?

Sure! Installation instructions are here: DLGuard Installation Instructions



The last time I tried to implement a download management solution I gave up after page 42 of a huge complex manual.

With DLGuard it was ridiculously easy to install and then to run.

Add to that Sam's superb customer support and constant innovation and it's an easy decision to purchase.

Harvey Segal - Supertips.com


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DLGuard Internet Sales Security and Management System


Secure sales
Shopping cart
Expiring downloads
Limit download attempts
Offer coupons
Sales reporting
Template based
Integrates with major payment processors


Ken Calhoun

DLGuard is an extremely effective, well-developed program that I recommend heartily to all clickbank sellers and anyone else who sells downloadable media, including ebooks, and even provides membership site access protection and paypal integration. A+

5 stars for Sam - he's on the short list of the good guys, for all he's done on DLGuard

Highly recommended.

Ken Calhoun
- www.daytradinguniversity.com

Allen Says

DLGuard. It's a real product, by a Warrior, that provides a needed service to people, no hype needed.

Allen Says
- www.warriorforum.com


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